Common Problems

We offer a full assessment and repair service for thatched roofs - please call us on 01488 683000 and we will be happy to visit to see how we can help. If you have an emergency please call us and we will give your roof top priority.

When repairing a roof we will always try to match the existing materials and methods used on your roof.

Some common problems include;

Moss Growth

Moss Growth is common on thatch and is caused when the roof is in a damp area (usually north facing), this can be removed by shearing or dressing the coatwork. Each roof with moss issues must be looked at on an individual basis.


Re-ridging must be carried out periodically to maximise the life of the main roof. The new ridge will fade rapidly and blend in with the rest of the main roof.

Vermin Damage

Vermin Damage can happen to any property, if this happens to you, your thatcher will be able to repair the damage.

Small leaks requiring Patching

Patching may be needed on an older roof. If you discover a leak, this can occasionally be repaired by patching the damaged area. This type of repair can help prolong the life of the thatch and postpone the need for a re-thatch.

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